Entity Clearing

Entities are negative energies that attach to your energy field in a variety of ways. They attach more easily when your energy is low or depleted. The important thing is to clear them because they are not you, yet they can disrupt your life.  

Entity clearing is a part of Team Terry of the Clearing Team includes Personal Entity clearing process where 18 unique fields including negative astral planes, outside energies related to your energies and including family and tribal energies, current and history as well as physical mental and emotional body are cleared.

 A spreadsheet report of the fields cleared along with a key code (also on the website) is provided via email.


Remote Entity clearing Session


ONE remote session per person ..... $175

Some sessions may require more time up to several hours. All work is guaranteed and done remotely. We want to hear from you if there is an issue!

(You'll be directed to for payment) 

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