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Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H) is a very gentle and effective process to release deeply held beliefs and emotions from your body.  It involves a combination of methods to release fears and limiting beliefs. Once the limiting belief or emotion surfaces and you release it, it is gone forever.  If the patterns are deeply embedded, you may have multiple layers that need to be released. You can repeat the session as many times as is comfortable for you.


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Sandra (Sandy) Vassall is an Energy Practitioner Certified in "The Emotion Code" and "The Body Code".

These modalities were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The basic premise is that our bodies accumulate emotional baggage from birth through life, can be inherited as well as from previous lives.

This emotional baggage gets trapped in our bodies and overtime can cause deterioration and chronic disease. By the process of tapping into the subconscious mind which knows all for your existences, and using muscle testing, we can acquire answers to questions regarding these emotional issues.

Once these trapped emotions are revealed in the body we use a magnet to remove them. This would be very similar to running a magnet over your credit card. The information is simply gone. This process is done one emotion at a time and one imbalance at a time. It is like peeling back the layers on an onion. The results are amazing and can bring about reduction in pain immediately and even complete healing.

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Quantum Matrix Healing

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Our lead coach, Terri, has years of experience in this category. We know her, she has studied with many teachers, including Maureen.


Terri has the skills and experience to help you – at a fee rate you can afford.  As a highly skilled consultant to all levels: Individual, corporate level and professional businesses, you can count on her to identify and then help you shift. As a QMH consultant, she offers a creative and innovative approach applicable to all or most situations faced by real-world individuals and enterprises.


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