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QM Healing Session


ONE (1) 60-minute session ..... $150

Some sessions may require more time,

and a second session may be added as needed.

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Team Terri

Terri has been delivering outstanding results since 1994. She has over 20 years experience in healing roles. As a high achiever for over a decade, Terri shares her true-life experiences with clients providing inspiration and motivation.

Terri Young has been a lifelong seeker. Never satisfied to be “like” everyone else, there were always more books to read and more to learn.
In the early eighties, Terri and a business partner opened an Angel Figurine store in a tiny village and called it “On the Wings of Angels”. Even though they were miles from anywhere, they were successful.

The Angels have guided her to see “Angel Auras” around people. Would you like to know what your Angel-Wings look like?

Terri’s life has been an interesting journey. In 2011, she re-connected with Maureen St. Germain and that meeting catapulted her into the Akashic Records Reading classes. She is excited about how awesome it feels to capstone a life-long journey with this excellent experience.

Terri understands the approaches, processes and skills required to heal successfully. She has the skills and experience to help you – at a fee rate you can afford as a highly skilled consultant to all levels: Individual, corporate and professional. As a QMH consultant, she offers a creative and innovative approach applicable to all or most situations faced by real-world individuals and enterprises.

Quantum Matrix Healing


Remote Talk/Training that works! skype or phone!






This work is about getting to the bottom of and clearing sickly, recalcitrant behaviors.

This is a two-person process to help an individual work through personal issues. You must participate with the practitioner, Terri.

In your life, if you find you are having an intense reaction to a situation and your own anger arises, it may be that YOU are carrying entities.


Terri has been doing Angelic work for over 20 years, and your angels and guides are always with you.  You have a room full of invisible servants waiting for your commands.  They are ready and willing to provide help. 

In all our ceremonies we use Angels, Archangels and Elohim. 

Some benefits to doing the Quantum Matrix Healing:

  • You may have outcomes and consequences over your actions today, but you will not be held back by past mistakes.
  • You can start each day with a clean slate
  • You no longer have to carry the weight of dark entities working in or around you, you can choose to unhook and release them.
  • You are empowered to clear this weight for family systems, social systems, ethnic groups and more.

This healing work is much more important than you realize, because of its far-reaching outcomes.

Each session is reserved for an hour but may take longer or less time. 

This Material is from Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality by Maureen St. Germain.

A message from Maureen: As we become 5th dimensional we have patterns that are imprinted in us that have locked us into a conventional role that may have served us when we first encountered an emotionally demanding situation. These connections with a "former" version of ourselves served us well in the past, yet now hold us back. Quantum Matrix Healing Work actually anchors in the 5th-dimensional "solver" into the equation, bringing your 5th dimensional (highly evolved) version of the same "problem-self" thus creating an advanced higher dimensional self within your inner sphere of being. This means that the next time a similar "emotionally demanding" situation occurs, you move into the highest and best response possible. One of our recent clients, a hotel company owner, said, "I am amazed at how simple it is and remarkably instantaneous." We agree.

"May this knowledge benefit your life and feed your soul.  I wish you a million blessings, happiness and wholeness always."  ~ Maureen.