Peg Donahue


I have always been intrigued with how and why things happen. My world expanded in wondrous ways after I left a corporate career in 2000 and actively began working in the field of energy. I also learned more about how I was able to thrive in the corporate world: I remove obstacles, transmute energy, and focus on the best ways to move forward.

Growing up in a large family (9 kids), I often wondered why my life moved along with fewer bumps and bruises than some of my siblings. Things would happen and I would ease my way through my challenges while others would get bogged down and stay stuck or immobilized. We had the same parents, family, home, and background, yet our lives unfolded and continue to unfold in unique ways.

It turns out that our energy determines what we attract to ourselves, our lives, our homes, our workplaces … wherever we are. Our perspective, outlook, and approach are parts of this. The good news is that regardless of where you are (physically, mentally, and spiritually), I facilitate the process of tapping into your energy and clearing whatever blockages are ready to be dissolved. Stubborn patterns may take a few cycles.

I enjoy helping people to transform themselves and their lives by releasing blockages to success and well-being. Clearing entities is a part of this. Combining my intuition with advanced training and years of experience in energy practices, I provide personal clearings, space clearings, and emotional releases, for individuals and businesses. I love empowering you to live your best life.

An energy clearing can assist you to experience whatever you would like to achieve related to life balance, career, prosperity, relationships, family, children, recognition, self-development, creativity, problem-solving, overall health and well-being, relaxation and joy. Studies with many master clearing teachers (including Karen Kingston, Eric Dowsett, Patrick MacManaway, Richard Ross, Christan Hummel, Sue and Aaron Singleton and more) have contributed to my method and practice.

My personal and space clearings are done remotely. Emotional Freedom & Healing releases are done via phone.

Are you ready to move forward? I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Peg offers three types of clearing services:

  • Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H)
  • Clearing Entities and Subtle Personal Energies
  • Space Clearing

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Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H) is a very powerful meridian tapping technique that releases emotions at the subconscious level. EF&H is very effective for deeply held fears, limiting thoughts and beliefs (such as betrayal, deception, abandonment, lack of self-confidence), emotions (sadness and grief, frustration, anger), and long standing patterns that are holding you back from reaching your next level of achievement or your full potential. Sessions are done via phone or Skype. Phone sessions are recorded and you are provided an MP3 recording via email so that you can repeat the session at any time. You may record Skype sessions if you wish.

Clearing Entities and Subtle Personal Energies: Entities are negative energies that attach to your energy field in a variety of ways. They attach more easily when your energy is low or depleted. The important thing is to clear them because they are not you, yet they can disrupt your life.  Entity clearing is a part of Peg’s Personal Energy clearing process where 12 unique fields are cleared. Entity and Personal Clearings are done remotely at a time when things are relatively quiet for you –­ when you are not driving or doing important activities. A summary report of the fields cleared is provided via email.

Space Clearings are energy clearings for homes, businesses and land. Peg clears the deva or spiritual guardian of the property of all previous “programs.” The process also includes clearing of geopathic stress, negative energy that has built up in naturally occurring flows of water, negative thoughts and emotions (such as anger, fear, loss and grief), spirits, astral fragments, curses and hexes, entities, and more. Space clearings are recommended if you are experiencing unexplained blockages or setbacks, you are buying or selling property, you have a change in direction or you want a fresh start, among other reasons. Space clearings are done remotely for specific addresses. A summary report is provided via email. (Onsite space clearings can also be arranged for a higher price plus travel expenses. Contact Peg separately for this: Click Here



"Peg Donahue is a remarkable and knowledgeable woman. She began teaching me things long before I started my work with her.

Her work is conscientious and thorough. She has helped bring our whole family, our home, and our lives into alignment through conscious placement, choices, and words. Every time we begin to make the changes that she has suggested, things begin to shift. Emails begin pouring in and the phone starts ringing. The energy of our work, our communication, and relationships has more ease, refinement, and clarity.

I highly recommend Peg. Her brilliance and insight is invaluable."

Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once).

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

~ Amy Spencer, Windham, NH

"Things have changed for me in some VERY unexpected ways! I’m a relatively healthy person, except that I have very little energy most days. I’ve needed a nap every day for most of life. I also know that I need to start to exercise, but I always put it off until tomorrow. Since my session with you a week ago, I haven’t had a nap and I’ve been OK. My energy levels are up! I’ve also started to exercise, and happily so! And I hate to admit, but I haven't even listened to my recording yet. I am really excited to see how the changes grow as I move forward and actually re-listen to my session. Thank you so much!"

~ Nicole


"Moving into a new (to us) home and took opportunity to have Peg ... cleanse the house of the previous occupants as well as help us determine furniture placement, color, etc. inside and out. Work has begun. The initial improvements are working wonderfully. Our new place already feels like home and we see ourselves putting down deep roots; much due to Peg getting us on a serene path from Day 1. Highly recommend her service!!"
~ Tara & Martin in NH


Two days after a Personal Clearing …

I felt compelled to write this email about the changes I’m seeing already.

Although the people who miraculously left my life due to entity meddling haven’t returned just yet, I’m optimistic. It has only been a day.

Rather I am seeing changes within my inner world. I feel more calm and in control. I am able to make decisions and I’m feeling that my mental clarity is improving as well. I do feel lighter and as though I’m not dealing with extra baggage. The changes are surprising me to the point that I have noticed my facial expression changing as well, making me look more radiant and content.

In order to keep seeing positive changes I also am changing my diet to a more healthier one and drinking more water. I will keep you updated on what other changes are coming my way. 

I’m considering another clearing in a few months’ time. Thank you again.

Two weeks later…

Hi Peg,

I felt compelled to email you about my changes I am still seeing. I am continuously feeling more amazing each day. The aspects of my life which were a blur before are now clear for me to see. I have found some type of inner peace. I don’t know if it’s the clearing or a placebo but I am feeling these changes within.

I had told you about a guy who had not talked to me after our date even though the chemistry was off the roof and how I could not understand why as I am very intuitive and good at reading people. Well, you’d be interested to know he’s back as well! It has been a week and we have talked a few times. He has admitted to missing me! Wow! I am still in awe.

~ GB, Australia

Peg's work is life changing. Her connection to the Source is pure. In just one entity clearing session she uplifted my vibration to joy, love and health and my consciousness to peace and acceptance. I wholeheartedly recommend Peg's services. 

~ TM, the Netherlands, Feb 2021

Maureen turns to Peg frequently - here is one example...


"This time - using Peg - I hired her to work with both me and my assistant - each of us on our own specific issues. I didn’t have time to write out what my needs were this time - but Peg identified the precise issue - that I had been meditating on - and articulated it beautifully. So we have the benefit of this fabulous Emotional Freedom and Healing work - and the marvelous work of Peg herself, and her contribution to the actual tool! What a gift! Thank you. Looking forward to writing another amazing experience."

~ Maureen J. St. Germain, Transformational Enterprises, Inc.