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Kitty Clearing 

Our beloved cat, Boo, got very sick and had to go to the vet's when he was just over a year old.  To be able to help him, the vet had to put him under anesthetic.  When it was time to bring Boo home, I had to go get him from the back room as he would growl and hiss anyone who came near him.  When I jokingly asked the vet's assistant if they were afraid of him, and was totally surprised when they told me "yes."

Once Boo was home, he behaved totally different from the friendly cat who purred, snuggled, and loved to sit beside me on the couch waiting to be stroked.  He would sit and stare at me with unfriendly eyes, then run off if I came close to him.  He would constantly growl at my daughter anytime she would get near him or pet him.  Definitely not our cat.

I had attended Maureen's Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality course and while I was doing curse clearings for others, I decided to do one on Boo.  Within 10 minutes of doing the curse clearing, he came upstairs, sat on the couch beside me and started to purr.  Our Boo was back!!!  To say the least, both my daughter and myself are thrilled to have Boo back, happy to snuggle, purr and hang out with us......

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Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality

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What is entity clearing?




Ever come home from a party or the local pub feeling like you picked up something "not healthy?" Try our inexpensive clearing! (See Below.) An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, apart from being human. Although it need not be a material existence, it is a living energy. For the purposes of this discussion, there is presumption that an entity is animate without its own corporeal form (i.e. no body). Any energy form that has self-awareness is classed as an entity. There are two major classes of entities: internal and external. 


An Internal Entity is an energy that you created when you were younger and needed to know how to handle and "emergency" situation, such as an angry parent. As an adult, you don't need this "childlike" response anymore, but it still keeps happening! This is what "Quantum Matrix Healing" (QMH) is all about.


External Entities are from somewhere else. They could be an emotion cluster, or could be a deceased person looking to have a few more human experiences. This is what "Entity Clearing" is all about.

​Some types of external entities will be drawn to you. They can be energy that has been in the Earth for a while. You can be creating the hook for that type of energy with your emotion unawareness. You'll use "Entity Clearing" for that work. 

It's important to know that it might not be all about you when entities come up for clearing. You can be processing for other entities or energies that need your assistance in order for them to ‘move’ forward. You maybe a vehicle for clearing the Earth. There is honor in performing this work. Use "Entity Clearing" here.

Have you ever found yourself giving the $10 response to the 10-cent problem? The next time you are dealing with a lot of negative emotion, or it seems proportionally out of normal range of human responses, ask yourself, “Am I clearing out my own stuff, or am I clearing Mother Earth’s excess baggage?” 

Entities don't "tell time" so why wait around like this when you don't have to?

I believe the more of this emotional excess baggage we clear for Mother Earth, the less severe the Earth changes will be, because the need for excessive clearing will no longer be necessary!

You, as a being of Light who can process energy at some point, are a natural gravitational point for entities or energies with similar energy. They move when you do.
Think of the Boy Scouts who gather in the park to clean up litter. Similarly, the clearing of entities is both a duty and a privilege. This clearing is a very common action for human beings such as you; who are consciously working on their ascension.

Lastly, there are numerous kinds of entities and energies that may inhabit your body, without your conscious awareness. Most of you are not fully present until you have done some level of clearing work. Some of these external energies are benign; others are there taking advantage of you and using your energy. You do not have to put up with any of it. You can command that they leave and by cosmic law, they must leave.

You can clear entities for yourself or others using the method specified in the Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality book, or you can hire a practitioner (Peg) to do it for you.
Please follow the instructions for clearing entities carefully.