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I have created my practice to be unique by providing very detailed reports that allow you to understand in detail the means in which these imbalances are created so you can become aware to release them and take measures to prevent further occurrences. Much time is spent to individualize these reports and provide you with in-depth information for your healing journey. You will have these reports to refer back to many times that will always bring you a new level of awareness than you may have received when first read. The fees reflect this as well.

Sessions are done via Proxy (Long Distance) and you do not need to change your schedule during a session time.

Information Needed: I will need your full Date of Birth; number of children you have (this allows removal of inherited energies from them as well) and the Issue you want addressed in the work session (limited to 2 per session). You can include this information under Comments when ordering. I will then email you the report when the session is completed.

You will find this work simply amazing and life changing!

BODY CODE (Super-consciousness level work only)

Includes all the above - up to 5-6 hours work and equal time for report - for a total of 10-12 hours of my time.

Sandy's story

I found this method purely by coincidence (knowing there is no such thing) one night when I was
searching endlessly on the internet to once again find something that was going to be the "thing" that would bring me up from the depths that I was feeling like I was at with this very long battle and recovery I have had with the Vertigo so many years now. I have fallen in love with this energy work and it has indeed brought me the light back into my life and I can see now a future in this work. It has also brought me so much healing and even more understanding of how the body works on all levels, mind, body and spirit which has also expanded my spirituality as well.

The author of "The Emotion Code" and "The Body Code" is Dr. Bradley Nelson; he is a Chiropractor by profession. He spent many years in private practice treating people over and over for these long standing ailments that all other MD's had labeled no cure for. He developed the process of removing these Trapped Emotions and wrote the book "The Emotion Code". He then through divine guidance was given the information to put together "The Body Code". This program sees 6 main categories of possible imbalances in the body.

These are: 1) Energies, 2) Toxicity, 3) Circuitry, 4) Pathogens, 5) Structural, 6) Nutritional. By muscle testing and using the very complex mind mapping system one is able to access the subconscious mind of the individual.

The subconscious knows everything that is and has ever been with you and it acts as a binary computer so you can receive yes and no answers via the muscle testing. The subconscious mind, much like a lie detector machine, is able to use the electrical stimulation to the muscles in much the same manner as the lie detector machine and the muscle will stay strong for a congruent answer and become weak for a non-congruent answer. This is a short summary of how the work begins.
Sandra (Sandy) Vassall is an Energy Practitioner Certified in "The Emotion Code" and "The Body Code".

These modalities were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The basic premise is that our bodies accumulate emotional baggage from birth through life, can be inherited as well as from previous lives.

This emotional baggage gets trapped in our bodies and overtime can cause deterioration and chronic disease. By the process of tapping into the subconscious mind which knows all for your existences, and using muscle testing, we can acquire answers to questions regarding these emotional issues.

Once these trapped emotions are revealed in the body we use a magnet to remove them. This would be very similar to running a magnet over your credit card. The information is simply gone. This process is done one emotion at a time and one imbalance at a time. It is like peeling back the layers on an onion. The results are amazing and can bring about reduction in pain immediately and even complete healing.

I have expanded this work to different levels of the subconscious mind. These are - ALPHA, BETA, THETA AND DELTA; SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS ACCESS - (This usually requires more energy and time on my part to provide you with the root causes for the issues you have.) I inquire to the subconscious mind what level of access serves the Highest & Best Good for the client for every session. This level may vary from session to session.

I have also expanded this work to include modules for Past Life Attachments, DNA/RNA level imbalances, Cellular Level imbalances and Hormonal/Enzyme Level imbalances to again further your healing process.






* A session may not come full circle back to the beginning with complete clearing for that session due to time limits. I am guided in these sessions by the subconscious to reveal root causes for each phases and this can become extensive depending on needs/issues.


client feedback (Heart Wall removal)


I cannot believe the report -- Amazing information -- thank you. Dave (my husband) had his angiogram.  They decided to go through the groin as opposed to the wrist so we are still at Hospital -- until about 4:30 PM because he has to lay still.


Good news is that they did not feel the need to do any type of procedure -- stent or angioplasty.  The blockage is in one of his bypasses and his doctor wants to treat it with medication only.  That is amazing since the reason his doctor went in the groin was  because he thought Dave was going to need another bypass and wanted the artery clear!  I would say your work was a success, wouldn't you?


Emotion Code/



"It was difficult to have worked as a nurse as my life’s work which I loved and then having that abruptly halted and no clue what you want to do from that point forward. I was so sick, I had to find the solution to getting better. My doctor could not find the solution, even my devoted husband, a MD, didn't know what we should do."


Finding this modality of healing work has answered that calling.

Team Sandy... read more here.

Trapped Emotion Clearing - three session package

Includes written reports by e-mail.


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Team Sandy

Team Sandy



I have expanded this to include Past Life Attachments; Metaphysical Meanings to Body/Illness; Personal Energetic Vibration Frequency and Universal Laws.

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This includes all Emotion Code Module and Heart Wall Removal (limited according to size and number) as well as DNA/RNA level clearing, Cellular Level and Hormonal Level work and Tissue (Cell) Salt Assessments and Disclosure of Energetic Implants that could be influencing your health.

Heart Wall Removal (not included in above sessions)

Includes short written report by e-mail...this is a single heart wall removal and may take 3 sessions to clear. You will be instructed if this is needed during an Emotion Code session finding.


Body Code Clearing - three session package

Includes written reports by e-mail.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Energy work you did for me & my son. At the time I felt improvement in my energy, and my son’s outlook definitely improved. Even more than that, I have referred back to the information you sent and see more positive outcomes in retrospect. So many things are better. Thank you for your lovely and gentle work. It is so powerful.

I worked with Sandy last year for the first time after a suggestion for further clearing by Maureen St Germain (who I adore and trust emphatically). Before I even began my work with Sandy I tapped in and knew that she was an incredibly evolved being with infinite gifts to offer humanity at this time. Not only is Sandy a talented, capable and compassionate practitioner, she offers practical suggestions and tips for further healing and growth. I have worked with Sandy many times since we first connected and I have experienced immediate shifts post sessions and deep lasting effects from our work together. Sandy's reports are very detailed, lengthly and outstanding sources of information. She always goes above and beyond! Plus, after experiencing Sandy's gifts through the Emotion Code and Body Code, I am inspired to pursue certification in this modality. I am infinitely grateful to Sandy for her care, her ability to connect with her clients and her all around loving kindness. She's an absolute blessing.


You will be notified if this finding is revealed from the subconscious… the FEE is determined by Sandy based on the content of the work needed. This can include removal of Negative Beliefs, Limiting Beliefs and Faulty Core Beliefs as well as Field Distortions, Core Desire Imbalances and Conception Energy Imbalances.

                   $110.00                                        $220.00

TRAPPED Emotion Clearing work

Trapped Emotion Clearing - one session (1+ hour)
Includes written report by e-mail.

BODY CODE Clearing work

Body Code Clearing - One session* 

(Approx. 2-3+ hours, up to 4 hours)
Includes written report by e-mail.