Our facilitator,, TERRI

Quantum Matrix HEALING

"It was difficult to have worked as a nurse as my life’s work which I loved and then having that abruptly halted and no clue what you want to do from that point forward. I was so sick, I had to find the solution to getting better. My doctor could not find the solution, even my devoted husband, a MD, didn't know what we should do."

Finding this modality of healing work has answered that calling. ~ Team Sandy


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Terri trained with one of the best. She's done this work for many years and is delighted to join our team. Her own experience with Quantum Matrix Healing provides the most valuable insight.


She is skilled in many healing modalities and loves helping others. Terri will offer you the most up-to-date amenities and features.  

Our facilitator, SANDY

clear Trapped Emotions (TE)


Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H) is a very gentle and effective process to release deeply held beliefs and emotions from your body.  It involves a combination of methods to release fears and limiting beliefs. Once the limiting belief or emotion surfaces and you release it, it is gone forever.  If the patterns are deeply embedded, you may have multiple layers that need to be released. You can repeat the session as many times as is comfortable for you.

Peg offers three types of clearing services:

  • Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H)
  • Clearing Entities and Subtle Personal Energies
  • Space Clearing

Our facilitator, PEG

Clearing Entities


Quantum matrix Healing

Sandra’s basic training has been in nursing for the past 32 years. She was stricken with Acute Relentless Vertigo in 2000. Western medicine physicians and specialists were quick to label this as Meniere’s disease. She states that "Without knowing what my problem was, I absolutely knew that it was NOT Meniere’s Disease. So the journey began to find healing.”

She underwent acupuncture and herbal treatment that brought her “off the cliff,” so to speak. During the course of time over the next 5 years, the vertigo became sporadic but other phobias began. Panic attacks set in due to the many times when a vertigo episode would occur, without warning, while she was driving. Driving became impossible for a period of time. This led to a near agoraphobic-type reaction for about a year. Living a life of a basic recluse was a complete opposite personality trait to what had been her former self.

The search began for help in any way. This continued for 5 years and many modalities of healing were learned and appreciated, such as Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki and other Energy work. All served the Higher Purpose of Healing, but she still felt they were insufficient.

One evening, during the daily searching on the computer for any and all information, a You-Tube video was seen of Dr. Bradley Nelson for "The Emotion Code". The attraction to this information and the need to read this book, "The Emotion Code", became heightened. Once the book was received and the information was applied, she began to notice instant positive changes.

Over time, even more changes for better health became apparent. This has continued to this day, and of course, she is branching out to provide this Divine service to others. It has been self-fulfilling in the healing process as well. 


Entity Clearing