Clear & evolve Patterns

Quantum Matrix Healing

Work with a highly trained practitioner, Terri Young, she has worked in China, and will work with you remotely, over Skype or Zoom. She can assist you in releasing behavior patterns that you cannot seem to release on your own.

Experience is everything, and here at Clearing Energy, your experience is completely customized to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all types of clearing, including mind, body, and spirit. Just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 

This clearing done remotely offers help for individuals or businesses in need of a way to open up, and be cleared, releasing blockages for smooth relatiohships for self and family members, business operations, sale of property, business relationships and more.

It's entity clearing for persons and places.  Not limited to yourself, you can have a co-worker cleared, or a family member, or a home. We use safe core principles and you’ll appreciate the results.

It's amazing to us how many people are actually in tune with the sense that something doesn't feel right and they are searching for ways to clear their field. We have found a way to do this remotely and affordably.


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Clearing Energy & Entities

Remove unwanted influences - outside and ancestral 

We have worked with Team Terry for over 20 years. His satisfied client list insures that he is someone you can trust.

Clear unwanted Entities

We can help you do it

Peg Donahue has helped thousands of individuals and we've been working with her for over 20 years, to assist you in clearing all kinds of entities and energies you don't want, don't need and didn't ask for.

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Entity Clearing using Feng Shui

​with Peg Donahue


with Dave the Mystic

Contact Team Terry​​​​Entities are negative energies that attach to your energy field in a variety of ways. They attach more easily when your energy is low or depleted. The important thing is to clear them because they are not you, yet they can disrupt your life.  

Entity clearing is a part of Team Terry of the Clearing Team includes Personal Entity clearing process where 18 unique fields including negative astral planes, outside energies related to your energies and including family and tribal energies, current and history as well as physical mental and emotion body are cleared.

 A spreadsheet report of the fields cleared along with a key code (also on the website) is provided via email.

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The energies of people and the planet have accelerated greatly since 2012.  This is also true of the dark entities and low vibration beings who in their own way are keeping pace with our upward progress.  I discovered in 2008 that I could do remote clearings and have stayed with that system ever since.  I don’t really want to give entities any warning that I’m coming or give them an opportunity to try to attach to me.  Remote clearings enable me to clear any place on the planet and to keep the fees very reasonable.

These clearings can be for people and their houses, people and their businesses, for houses that are not moving on the market, to help with attacks, and to improve the energies and vibrations for those who are on a spiritual growth path.  These clearings may also remove blockages that interfere with other healing systems.

The world really is a spiritual system that tests people in many ways.  There are many new dark entities showing up every day and people need tools to deal with these and clear them.  Everything I clear is moved to the spiritual plane or a safe place in a humane way.


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Entity Clearing from outside influences

with Terry Bates

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New York, NY

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